Virtual Learning

Eliesha is able to deliver a variety of highly relevant topics as engaging and interactive virtual learning sessions. Facilitated by an experienced and expert trainer, our virtual learning events can recreate the collaboration, communication, safety and trust of a face-to-face learning intervention.

Flexible Technology

Eliesha’s impactful Virtual Learning can be deployed to your dispersed workforce and accessed anywhere with an internet connection.

The details of the final learning environment are flexible to your requirements and desired learning outcomes: from a fully participative virtual classroom, with cameras and microphones switched on for all and 'breakout room' discussions, to a ‘lecture theatre’ or 'broadcast webinar' style, with attendees muted and contributing via typed questions or a 'raised hand' when they would like to speak via microphone. Certain topics and cohort sizes will lend themselves to a particular learning environment, and Eliesha can advise based on our experience.

We can also share a recording of the session for your own internal distribution, or host one on our own cloud-based Learning Management System for your learners to access whenever they need a refresher.

Online Learning Classroom

Learning Support

Eliesha can provide pre and post-learning support for all of our Virtual Learning, ensuring that learners arrive at the session primed with thoughts and ideas, and can access further information after the session in order to embed the learning in their day-to-day role.

All Virtual Learning can be supported with Eliesha’s award-winning microlearning product series pearls of wisdom®These 3-4 minute animated videos are split into 18 categories and can serve as valuable, timely bursts of knowledge that will support or even expand on the crucial Virtual Learning content.

Pearls of Wisdom Product Logo

Highly Relevant Topics

A selection of existing Virtual Learning topics is shown below, and Eliesha can convert our catalogue of training intervations or develop bespoke virtual sessions where appropriate. If you would like a full outline of the content and learning outcomes for any, please place an enquiry at the bottom of the page.

Our accreditations, affiliations and certifications

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