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Vast knowledge & expertise

Eliesha has significant experience in the management, administration, design and delivery of coaching and mentoring support interventions and programmes. All our coaches are fully qualified and accredited as a coach with a recognised professional body.  They have demonstrable and successful experience. In addition, Eliesha’s coaches are accredited and trained to use appropriate models, psychometric instruments and theories in their coaching practice, which help individuals to gain insight and increase self-awareness to identify and act on performance, as well as support their personal development going forward.

Our coaches

Eliesha coaches work with individuals in the areas of personal and professional development. Coaches work with clients using a range of appropriate models, psychometric instruments and tools. Our coaches have the ability to translate behavioural feedback into an action plan in order to create an effective development plan for the individual.


Our programme delivery and coaching dialogues with the client ensures our coaches are able to also determine the relationship between personal behaviour and the organisational and business context in which the individual operates, such as strategic leadership development, implementation of strategic goals, team coaching, career development, managing change, talent development and cross directorate or departmental partnering/consulting.

As each party exits the relationship it is an ideal time to evaluate the process and help the individual define a longer term personal development plan to build on the positive foundations laid during the coaching.  We also help them to consider longer term evaluation and to determine sustainable success. It is expected that many of the tools, techniques and models which are used by the coaches can be used, as appropriate, by the client in their own practice as managers.

The forms of evaluation are varied and can include the use of very simple questionnaires, performance management feedback, line manager feedback and project or task successes.

Case studies

University of Birmingham

ILM Level 5 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring


The University of Birmingham is a Russell Group University and is committed to the highest levels of academic excellence in both teaching and research. Russell Group Universities operate globally, combining a large number of international students and academic staff from many different countries with a strong role and influence within their regional community. Through their outstanding research and teaching, unrivalled links with businesses and a commitment to civic responsibility, Russell Group universities make an enormous impact on the economic, social and cultural wellbeing of the UK.

Within this context, the University of Birmingham’s People and Organisational team have a long-term vision of building a Coaching Academy to provide a professional coaching provision.


Eliesha was contracted by the University to design and deliver an accredited Coaching Programme with the objective of creating qualified internal coaches. They required the coaching programme to be practice-based, accredited and to comply with the existing documentation and templates of their Coaching Academy. Each coach assigned to the programme had to commit to undertake several hours of internal coaching for the Academy after qualifying and to continue developing their coaching skills at the end of the programme.


A partnership approach was adopted at the outset, with an Eliesha Consultant spending time at the University in order to gain a deep insight into what the programme sponsor wanted to achieve.

Eliesha designed and delivered an ILM Level 5 Certificate in Coaching Programme which consisted of three mandatory units introducing the key aspects of coaching and mentoring.

  • The first unit, ‘Understanding the Skills, Principles and Practice of Effective Management Coaching and Mentoring’, enabled learners to understand the role and contribution of coaching and mentoring, and build a business case.
  • In ‘Undertaking Management Coaching or Mentoring in the Workplace’ learners were required to demonstrate their ability to plan, deliver and review at least 12 hours coaching and mentoring in the workplace.
  • The final unit of the Certificate, ‘Reviewing Own Ability as a Management Coach or Mentor’, gave learners the ability to critically review their own personal qualities, skills and competence.

The programme consisted of four one-day workshops, two supervision days and the submission of three assignments.

To further embed the learning, and to support the delegates outside the face-to-face interventions, Eliesha provided each participant with access to our innovative pearls of wisdom® online products.  pearls of wisdom® are 3-4 minute animated videos covering a wide range of essential management and leadership models. Our L&D team liaised with the University to identify 40 relevant pearls of wisdom® aligned to the Coaching Programme consisting of:

  • Lencioni's 5 Temptations of Leaders
  • Covey's 13 Trust-Building behaviours
  • Emotional Intelligence Journey
  • Giving Constructive Feedback
  • Political Awareness
  • Resilience - Seven Learnable skills
  • SMART objectives
  • The Power of Values
  • Your Development - Organisational Objectives
  • Authentic Leadership
  • Change - Kubler Ross Curve
  • Change House
  • Communication - Importance in a Manager's Role
  • Communication - Barriers to Communication
  • Developing Your Influencing Skills
  • Emotional Intelligence - Introduction
  • Fierce Conversations
  • Kotter on Management & Leadership
  • Situational Leadership - Hersey & Blanchard Model
  • Trust - Covey's 5 Waves
  • Unfreeze for Change
  • Balancing Authenticity and Skills
  • Effective Action Planning
  • Emotional Wake of Changes in Teams
  • Feedback - Giving Constructive Feedback
  • Getting Leadership Right
  • Identifying areas to Improve Yourself
  • Impact of Having Wrong Style of Leadership
  • Stress - Human Function Curve
  • Prioritising Tasks - Urgent and Important
  • Time Management - Prioritising Tasks
  • GROW Model
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Using Sensory Language and Meta-communication
  • 4 levels of Listening
  • Empathy
  • Focus, Openness, Energy
  • Johari
  • Mind-set of a Coach
  • STEPPA Coaching Model

Following the successful use of the pearls of wisdom®, the University requested they be made available to all staff throughout the University.


The programme is being embraced fully by the University of Birmingham. The partnership approach adopted at the outset meant that Eliesha was in constant communication with the client and had a real understanding of their needs and expectations.

Following the University’s enthusiastic approval of the programme design, Eliesha has commenced delivery of the programme and the first cohort is almost complete with the second having attended their first workshop. Further cohorts are planned for mid-late 2015. Once the first cohort has completed the programme they will take their place in the University’s Coaching Academy.


Eliesha was successful in securing a contract with North Yorkshire County Council to support their learning and development framework and, in particular, their coaching network.  


The Council strategically decided to introduce a coaching culture within the organisation. This was a dramatic shift in the traditional methods of management used.  The Council’s key requirement was to focus on their managers to learn, practice and implement professional coaching conversations to engage their staff and to support the coaching culture within the organisation.   


Eliesha worked in partnership with North Yorkshire County Council to design a bespoke 2 day Coaching Conversations for Managers workshop.  This entailed providing the requisite techniques of coaching in day 1 and was structured with a two week gap before day 2 was delivered to the Managers.  Within the two week period, managers were assigned a project which required them to put into practice the coaching techniques they learnt on day 1 and coach a sample of their staff to refine their skills.  When the managers returned on day 2 they were required to report back on what went well with their coaching sessions and collectively what could be improved.  

““This course was excellent; the trainer had a clear love of and significantly in depth knowledge of coaching practices. She adapted to our needs and used clear analogies to demonstrate her points well. I am looking forward to practising my skills in preparation for day 2””


Over an 8 month period, 216 managers from various departments attended the 2 day Coaching Conversation for Manager’s course. Feedback indicated that the programme had been extremely well received and had made a significant positive impact on the organisation’s coaching pool and culture.  Due to the success of initial programme, Eliesha was commissioned to deliver the same programme to a further cohort of North Yorkshire County Council managers.

Delegate feedback included:

“This was an excellent course with a brilliant trainer, this has provided me with new tools and techniques to use when managing staff; this has also improved staff engagement”

“This course was very well prepared and the trainer was responsive to the needs of the participants, the trainer highlighted the learning objectives and made this very clear-I would highly recommend this course”

Our accreditations, affiliations and certifications

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