3 Hour Masterclass: Personal Resilience

18 July 2018

“More than education, more than experience, more than training, a person’s level of resilience will determine who succeeds and who fails. That’s true in the cancer wards, it’s true in the Olympics, and it’s true in the boardroom.” – Dean Becker

Do you feel like you’re always having to do more with less? That you’re constantly playing catch-up, rather than leading the way?

You’re not alone! The sheer pace and prevalence of change in the modern world leaves many people feeling this way. When it comes to our ability to thrive (rather than just survive) resilience is vital.

But what if we don’t feel that we are resilient people?

Well, there's good news – resilience can be broken down into learnable skills, and that means that with the right guidance and effort, our levels of personal resilience can be increased.

In this Masterclass, we cover:

• The nature of challenge and the source of stress/pressure – and the subsequent consequences for performance
• The factors that make up personal resilience and how they can be developed
• Useful and simple techniques to cope with stressors and challenges
• Creating and sustain effective plans to increase resilience and optimise performance

To start your journey towards an increased level of personal resilience, check out our "Resilience" pearl of wisdom® below:

Our core e-learning products, pearls of wisdom®, are 3-4 minute sharp, engaging videos that can be used flexibly and easily to deliver skills and knowledge. pearls of wisdom® can be accessed via the internet or organisation intranet and viewed on mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop, meaning they can be used where and when they are needed most.

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