Are your employees engaged?

25 January 2017

Encouraging employee engagement is an idea that is widely pursued across many businesses – however, often not many people know what this buzzword actually means.

Employee engagement is more than simply having staff do their jobs, or even doing them well. Employees who are truly engaged care about the work they do, and this makes them want to succeed – both for themselves and their business.

These employees will often have innovative ideas, helping to progress the business and make the organisation a better workplace. They can also become champions of the organisation, as their motivation and positive attitude will encourage others to feel the same, and to contribute more.

Having engaged employees has a multitude of benefits, from staff who want to stay because they actually enjoy what they do; cutting costs of constant recruitment, and resulting in fewer sick days. However, encouraging employees to be engaged seems easier said than done.

There are a lot of different solutions and each employee is different – so there is no ‘catch all’. There are, however some key aspects:

  • Communication – if your staff feel that their ideas can be heard and their opinions valued they will be more likely to contribute and invest more. Equally if they are receiving honest communication about what is happening in the business, they will feel more involved
  • Trust – going hand in hand with communication, if staff feel like they can trust those that they work with, and are trusted and given responsibility themselves, they are more likely to invest more in their work
  • A positive working environment – if staff both enjoy their work and enjoy being at work, they are more likely to be supportive of the organisation as a whole. Rewarding successes and focusing on strengths can help to facilitate a more positive workplace, while concepts such as mindfulness may help build resilience for periods of stress or change.

At Eliesha we have a number of bitesize and masterclass sessions on topics such as Employee Engagement, Trust and Communication. We also have a number of pearls of wisdom® animated videos around these topics including our toolkit on Effective Communication. These videos can be used to support other types of training or as easily accessible nuggets of information for time-deprived learners to brush up on. Whatever your requirement, please feel free to get in touch and discuss it with a member of our team.


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