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27 July 2016

When was the last time you used something digital? Probably not that long ago, and likely in the last ten minutes. Even just by reading this post you are ‘doing digital’.

There is a tendency to separate digital out from the ‘rest’ of our work, but if you think about your daily tasks and how you do them you might come to realise that a lot of your work just is ‘digital’, whether you communicate via email, use social media, or using computerised processes.

So when we talk about ‘digital’ skills, obviously some of this includes the knowledge about how to use the technology, but a lot of it is also about the interpersonal skills which are integral to the workplace.

While most of our communication has gone digital, through email, text and social media, this means that now more than ever we should be aware of how to communicate effectively as written message can be misconstrued and misinterpreted, while the fast and short nature of many social media platforms requires us to be much more concise.

Equally, while there may be a lot of tools that make the process of managing a team easier, there is no software for dealing with conflict, performance management or motivating people. All of these are key aspects to management roles, so knowing how to do them well can mean success. 

In a workforce that now has up to five generations, from the ‘Traditionalists’ (born before 1946) to Millennials (born between 1977 and 1997) and Generation Z (born after 1997) the link between technology and interpersonal skills is increasingly important.

While Millennials and the incoming Generation Z may be au fait with technology, having grown up with recent developments, they may also lack the interpersonal skills which are valued by older generations. Here we see room for change for both groups: with increasing reliance on tech, how we carry out our relationships must change, but the importance of having the skills to do this is not diminished, and so both groups have some learning to do.

The future will only bring further advances in technology, and further challenges with it, so now is the time to question: do you have the skills to be a digital leader?

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