Encouraging Employee Engagement

15 November 2016

Engaged employees can be between 20-30% more productive than their colleagues. Where we are expected to ‘do more, with less’ increased productivity is highly sought after, making employee engagement a hot topic.

What does employee engagement really mean?

It is about more than employees simply doing their jobs well – engaged employees also have a positive attitude towards the organisation, and they care about their work, and so will achieve more. Equally, engaged employees are more likely to actively support the business as a whole by becoming advocates of organisational values, which can encourage team-wide motivation.

How do you encourage employee engagement?

As a manager, it can be difficult to encourage both engagement in the role, as well as the organisation. Employees’ levels of interest can differ based on personality, but also even just on a daily basis.



However, there are a few things that you can do to help employees become more engaged:

  1. Be a role model

Are you engaged with the organisation yourself? If you set an example, your staff are more likely to follow in your footsteps

  1. Align your staff’s work objectives/personal development to organisational goals

People are more interested in something when they can clearly see the benefit to them, if organisational goals link to their own objectives, then engagement will come naturally

  1. Listen to and trust staff

Good communication is incredibly important as staff will soon become disinterested if they don’t feel they are being heard. Actively seek out their thoughts and ensure they know they are valuable to the organisation.

  1. Let staff take control and reward them when they do this

Giving staff a say and letting them take responsibility will encourage active involvement. Receiving praise ensures staff know that their contribution is appreciated and will motivate them to keep doing this.


If you would like more support to encourage engagement in your team, get in touch with a member of our team. 




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