Good Microlearning - What Does it Look Like?

7 February 2019

A quick look at the Google Trends for Microlearning tells you that it has been steadily increasing in profile for the past 5 years:

This increase has gone hand-in-hand with its uptake as a legitimate and effective L&D approach within organisations of all sizes and sectors. Research conducted by the Association of Talent Development found that 38% of organisations were already using Microlearning, and a further 41% planned to start in the near future. 

When trends like this become de rigueur, it’s important to look beyond the buzzword and examine what good, effective ‘Microlearning’ really looks like?

We think we know.

Developing interesting Microlearning is not the problem. In recent years, the market has been flooded with so-called 'Talking Head’ videos, the majority of which are undoubtedly interesting but don’t deliver their content in a learning style, which would help the viewer to retain and deploy it later.

Instead, the learner reflects on how interesting the content is during the video, and may take an anecdote or two away with them, but is then unable to fully recall it at a later date, and rarely deploys the learning in the intended context.

Effective Microlearning needs clear purpose and structure, incorporating not just interesting, but beneficial content. Each piece must be designed to achieve specific learning outcomes and contain critical instructional elements, such as reflection, application and practice suggestions – as well as optional testing of knowledge acquisition via questionnaire.

This is where our award-winning Microlearning products come in. Eliesha’s pearls of wisdom® are rich in content and comprise 3-4 minute, sharp bursts of accelerated learning, focused upon a specific competency requirement and related to a learnable method, tool or technique.

They have been designed by subject matter experts, who distil their knowledge into highly engaging, impactful videos that deliver the information and knowledge learners need, when they need it. The pearls are not a ‘one size fits all’ and have been developed in specific categories – meaning that they can be selected and structured to fit a specific context or requirement.

Our e.Micro-Toolkits are pearls grouped into a specific category, e.g. performance management, project management or coaching, with knowledge acquisition tested and confirmed via an interactive, online quiz.

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A Microlearning strategy enhanced with our products supports the market desire to move away from linear courses and to structure learning in ways which enable learners to dip into smaller, more self-contained content. In addition, our approach satisfies the requirement to deliver context and task-relevant content, as and when needed, in a highly flexible, available and accessible way.

To arrange a free demonstration and explore the benefits of our Microlearning products and their potential role within your existing learning journeys and workplace support structure, please contact us now:

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