Great British Bake Off - "I Don't Like Change!"

1 September 2017

This week, the nation’s favourite baking battle royale debuted on its new home, and in its new form on Channel 4. Amongst an outpouring of opinion across social media, one thing was abundantly clear – lots of people do not like change.

 The audience were so comfortable with Mel, Sue and Mary that they weren’t ready to give the new faces a fighting chance. Any prospect that Noel & Co had of a fair fight and being judged on their own merits went out of the translucent, plastic window as soon as they stepped through the flap of that tent. Why? Because they were new and unfamiliar.

If people feel this strongly about change on their TV, imagine how they feel about change in their workplace. The feeling that the comfortable, safe way in which they’ve grown accustomed to working could be under threat or is heading in a direction they don’t like can be seriously undermining to productivity and enthusiasm.

In a recent survey, 50% of employees said they “expect a major change in the next six months” and a whopping 50% of CEOs knew deep down that they are “unprepared to manage uncertainty and complexity”. This isn’t a downward trend either, a staggering 72% of leaders across all types of workplace report “high or extremely high increases in uncertainty in their companies”.

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