In the ‘NICC’ of Time

30 March 2015

Eliesha supports some of the largest and most complex organisations in the UK. Our learning and development solutions play a significant role in improving the performance of people in public service. Our quality training interventions affect and influence how essential services are led, managed and delivered every day.

In the very sensitive and time critical context of organ donation, Eliesha has helped support the Specialist Nurse Organ Donation Teams (SNODs) within NHS BT. Their skills and abilities to negotiate and influence, in very challenging circumstances, is crucial to their professional skill set and in their work with hospital staff. SNODs work with colleagues, helping to identify potential organ donors, as well as guiding and supporting their families through the donation process. However, their role means they operate without explicit authority with NHS Hospital colleagues. Once a donor is identified, SNODs work in collaboration with colleagues at transplant centres throughout the UK to identify suitable recipients for the donated organs and arrange for them to be delivered and transplanted.

The requirement was for more effective communication and leadership skills for use with colleagues and in approaches to families. These centred upon the quality of influencing, better achieving consensus and negotiation. Eliesha, in conjunction with NHS BT designed and deliver a contextualised programme to further develop the confidence, personal resilience, knowledge, skills and abilities of SNODs in their roles dealing with difficult/challenging situations and conversations with others at work; including the medical/nursing/care teams that the SNODs work with and team colleagues.  The intellectual copyright of the programme is owned by NHS BT.

This comprehensive and highly practical programme supports the NHS Blood and Transplant's campaign to tackle the critical shortage of organ donors. It was initiated and designed to create a step change in SNODs influence and impact, whether in dialogue with NHS BT colleagues or the wider NHS. The programme was also to help SNODs negotiate on level terms with colleagues and to more fully play their part in key decisions towards the improvement of successful conversion of donation opportunities.

Since March 2014 the programme has been rolled out to over 200 SNODs throughout the UK. High levels of feedback from delegates on the relevance of the workshop and the commitment to apply the learning. The evaluation results indicate that the majority of respondents have made improvements to how they communicate and in their preparation and approach to influencing others at work. This has been evidenced in improved planning for conversations at work, better listening skills when people speak and improved reactions and responses to the different behaviours of people when in conversation, resulting in improved performance.  

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