Positive Thinking Day

12 September 2016

Thinking positively has a number of benefits, some of which can hugely improve our productivity at work. From building our confidence to making us more resilient, simply changing our mindset can help us achieve our goals. However, this is easier said than done; how do we change the way we think?

There are a few tricks we can use to get into the habit of thinking positively:

1. Start with Thought Awareness

Write down your thoughts - regardless of whether they are good or bad. It is important not to judge these thoughts and you shouldn’t try to supress them, just write them down and move on. 

2. Reflect on your list

Are your thoughts always concerned about other people’s reactions? Are they often over-generalisations? You may start to see a trend in the way you think. 

3. Invert thoughts that lead to a negative cycle

If you believe that you can’t do something, then you are more likely to fail, as you don’t feel it is achievable. These thoughts are known as Self-Limiting Beliefs. This creates a negative feedback loop, as failing will reinforce those beliefs. When you start to think ‘I’ll never get all these tasks done,’ try turning it around and make it a challenge or see it as an opportunity to ask a co-worker for some support.

4. Smile

It might seem silly at first but it has been proven that smiling can actually help you to feel happier and more positive, even if the smile is fake. Moreover, if you walk into work with a smile, your colleagues are more likely to respond to you cheerfully too, which will in turn improve your mood more – smiles really are contagious!

5. Be grateful

Learning to appreciate and reflect on the things that make you happy and what you are thankful for can help you to develop a more positive attitude. Simply thinking about what makes you happy can improve your mood, having a knock on effect on your approach, and the rest of your day. 

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