2020 Learning Trends: Microlearning on the Up!

Businesses succeed or fail based on the decisions made by employees every day. These decisions are informed by their knowledge and come to life in their behaviours. This is where Microlearning can have a tremendous impact. By applying the principles highlighted in this blog and fostering a continuous learning experience, you can help to ensure employees have the support they need to make the right decisions for the good of your customers and your bottom line.

The adoption of Microlearning has been commonplace over the last two years. Research conducted by the Association of Talent Development found that 38% of organisations were already using it and a further 41% planned to start.

Microlearning was also named as one of the key trends in a recent Bersin report on the Disruption of Digital Learning. We don’t see any change to these trends in 2020, in fact uptake is likely to increase again.

A Gartner analysis suggests that 75% of workers at large organisations interact with various kinds of videos at least three times a day. Viewing a quick video in the workplace, or on a mobile device, makes for easy delivery to the average worker. What’s more, 55% of people pay more attention when consuming a video versus any other content type.

Microlearning supplies learners with easy-to-digest content, facilitating quick knowledge consumption and better knowledge retention. In terms of learner preference, short bursts of video learning (3-5 minutes) generally leaves text-heavy content by the wayside. The content is designed to help learners meet a specific knowledge requirement in their workplace. In this way, learners in busy workplaces can make every minute of learning worthwhile.

Contextual help is exactly what Eliesha’s Microlearning product series pearls of wisdom® does and why L&D departments around the world use them to support specific workplace tasks and people development needs.

Eliesha’s Microlearning is accessible ‘just in time’ to meet a specific purpose, rather than provided ‘just in case’. Its duration fits within the constraints of workplace abstraction. Its animated content engages well with learners, supports their mindset and fits within available operational constraints.

A collection of pearls of wisdom® can be a powerful component of any blended learning solution because of its:


supports the improvement of knowledge and performance


each video relates to a method, tool or technique supporting a leadership and management competency and can be selected to the context of need


designed by subject matter experts, who distil their knowledge into highly engaging videos of ‘micro’ learning


content incorporates critical instructional elements, such as reflection, application and practice suggestions in order to help learning transfer and achieve outcomes


250+ videos spread across 18 categories – enabling a suite of pearls to be differentiated and selected, relevant to context and learning needs

Through intelligent design, pearls of wisdom® can be used to better harness and lever the value that lies in these learning assets – with returns delivered from the flexibility of application, re-use, re-purpose and impact.

Next Step: If you would like a free, no-obligation demonstration or discussion to explore the benefits of Microlearning and how it can play an important role within your learning and development strategy and in provision of support in the workplace, please contact us now.

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