Case Study
Tekmar Energy

Team Leaders and Supervisors Management Programme


Tekmar Energy is a developer and manufacturer of protection systems for the undersea cables used to link wind turbines to the power network on land. Tekmar’s revenues have increased six-fold since 2009 and its workforce has grown to 60 employees. As a result of this rapid growth, employees from the shop floor have been promoted to positions of team leaders and supervisors and have not had the training to support this role, particularly in terms of people management skills.


The objectives of the programme were that team leaders and supervisors would be able and willing to:

  • Accept the authority of their position
  • Confidently lead
  • Take ownership of their team
  • Set targets for teams
  • Resolve issues
  • Identify root causes
  • Communicate solutions / outcomes of actions taken
  • Recognise that they are no longer “one of the lads”
  • Handle disciplinary issues effectively
  • Work effectively as a management team
  • Improve team working across the shop floor


A partnership approach was adopted at the outset with an Eliesha consultant spending some time on site at Tekmar in order to gain insight into what the management team wanted to achieve from the programme and to the problems encountered by the team leaders and supervisors and included:

  • Meeting with senior managers and the learners
  • Understanding the business, its strategy, objectives and challenges
  • Understanding the expectations of senior managers (quantitative and behavioural)
  • Identifying the existing competency and required development of the learners
  • Identifying and developing a training programme that meets the expectations of senior managers and develops the learners to enable the business to meet its challenges and achieve its objectives
  • Designing a team building event for the "management team"


The programme developed was fully embraced by Tekmar.  The partnership approach adopted at the outset meant that Eliesha was in constant communication with the client and had a real understanding of their needs and expectations. 

The Leadership Development Programme has had a significant positive impact for Tekmar. It has provided a range of skills for Supervisors and Team Leaders whilst increasing their confidence to use such skills in the workplace. There is evidence of high levels of learning acquisition and good levels of required changes to behaviour. There is also evidence that the programme has positively impacted upon Accidents, Discipline and Quality.

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