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Wales Audit Office

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The Wales Audit Office works to support the Auditor General as the public sector watchdog for Wales.

It plays a crucial role in the governance of public spending and their aim is to ensure that the people of Wales know whether public money is being managed wisely and those public bodies in Wales understand how to improve outcomes.

As a result of a reorganisation of roles and responsibilities Wales Audit Office required a rigorous, fair and open method to place senior staff in business critical roles.  Eliesha designed an assessment process which combined behavioural evidence with knowledge of audit processes at the new level.

The appointment of the right person with the required skills, knowledge and behaviours is essential to business success and reduces significantly the cost of inappropriate or ineffective recruitment and placement.  Carefully designed assessment also allows the creation of coherent and highly targeted development plans for all candidates.


The Wales Audit Office was very clear with what they wanted to achieve from the assessment centre process. The objectives were as follows:

  • Provide staff involved in the mapping of appointments the best opportunity to maximise their individual potential and performance in preparing for the assessment process
  • Provide individual and collective support to develop potential
  • Prepare staff involved for the process and outcome
  • Design, develop and deliver a rigorous, open and fair assessment centre
  • Enable the assessment panel to see the full potential of all candidates in order to make the best selection for the business
  • Provide the development within the required timeframe
  • Provide staff with skills that will provide the capability, capacity and confidence for all future opportunities


Eliesha worked closely in partnership with WAO to devise the assessment centre criteria. The assessment centre consisted of written and group exercises, ability tests and a role play. The role play consisted of a difficult staff member meeting and required candidates to demonstrate effective interpersonal skills with their knowledge of audit processes. Eliesha designed, developed and delivered a range of exercises, psychometrics and personal tests, administered the candidates and managed the assessment centres and arranged and delivered the development programme.

Eliesha ran four centres for Wales Audit Office.  Two of which selected candidates for Board level positions and two selected for Senior Inspectors.

“It was really great working with you and your team; the tests were very professionally run and a positive experience for all those who participated. Please pass our thanks to your team”

HR Manager Wales Audit Office


WAO were able to appoint the best candidates for the new roles. As all the candidates were internal, they all received a feedback report and a developmental interview, whether they were successful or unsuccessful. This helped all candidates understand the development needs that we identified.

Development plans for all candidates were well received and the development of staff during the preparation stage enabled them to gain key skills in important areas.

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