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Management Apprenticeships


In a collaborative learning partnership with Wienerberger, Europe’s largest manufacturer of bricks and clay tiles, Eliesha is helping to maximise return on their Apprenticeship Levy funds in the form of high quality, impactful management development programmes.

In 2018, Wienerberger UK was undergoing an intensive process of transformation for the 21st Century, thoroughly reviewing all business areas for their strategic orientation and suitability for improvement via enhanced productivity, reduced costs and optimised efficiency. Towards the achievement of these strategic objectives, there was the identified need to better develop the capacity and capability of management teams, as well as overcome silo working to enable improved collaboration and communication. However, with 14 production sites, six distribution depots and approximately 1,200 staff in the country, this was not a simple task.

Starting the Journey

The scope, scale and context of the workforce development challenges matched well with the remit of the Apprenticeship Levy, which they had been paying since its introduction in April 2017. Wienerberger UK sought a learning partner via a consultative and competitive procurement process.

Eliesha’s selection was based upon demonstrating capability in successfully addressing similar strategic and operational challenges with large and complex organisations. Wienerberger UK selected Eliesha as its partner in 2018, valuing our demonstrable understanding of the requirements, regulations, and challenges around Apprenticeship programmes – particularly relevant as they were approaching them for the first time.

The Solution

A key element for relevance of the apprenticeship programmes and employee engagement for Wienerberger UK was contextualisation to the business and a coherent approach to delivery. This approach would reinforce new and consistent ‘ways of working’ for managers at the organisation, better enabling measurement and delivery of planned business benefits. It was also important that apprentices’ line managers were effectively involved in the process and supported to engage with the progress of apprentices’ development journeys. Line manager support is fundamental to apprentices’ evidencing of new knowledge, behaviours and skills in their day-to-day role, itself a key part of the overall learning journey. 

Eliesha designed and commenced delivery of Management Apprenticeship programmes – branded as ‘Pathways to Success’ to provide personal and career aspiration- at Level 3 and Level 5. These were incorporated into the workforce development and delivery plan.

Our learning partnership approach supported:

  1. Marketing and communication of the programme to the workforce – giving profile and clarity to the programme benefits and emphasising the high regard these programmes are held in amongst employers and employees.
  2. Encouragement of apprentices’ line managers to engage with the process and conduct regular reviews, focussed on workplace application of learning and provision of evidence.
  3. Ensuring clear purpose and understanding of the programmes, the required learning outcomes and establishing organisational success measures at the outset

Programme Delivery

Applicants are sourced and assessed from across the business and assigned to the appropriate apprenticeship programme, relevant to role. Cohorts on programmes are ‘mixed’, with apprentices attending from multiple sites. Delivery of face-to-face and virtual training rotates around the group. This approach helps to reinforce corporate strategy and identity reducing silo working, encouraging engagement, improving cross departmental communications and relations and enabling shared learning.

Our programme delivery is designed and delivered to:

  • Create a structured leadership pathway.
  • Enable the business to identify internal leadership talent.
  • Establish cohorts of peers from across the organisation, enabling improved internal communications and collaboration.
  • Create a leadership standard that is recognised internally and externally.

We are currently running one cohort of the Level 5 programme, aimed at high-potential managers and three cohorts of the Level 3 programme, aimed at team-leaders and supervisors with leadership capability.  Two further cohorts are planned to start later this year. The programmes are delivered at various sites across England enabling participants to learn more about other aspects of the organisation as well as about themselves and their leadership.

The programmes are broken into 3 ‘steps’, with the curriculum for each mapped against the appropriate standard:

  1. Personal effectiveness – emotional intelligence, management of self, problem solving and decision making.
  2. Organisational effectiveness – project management, finance and operational management.
  3. Interpersonal excellence – leading people, managing people, building relationships and communications.

“Eliesha were chosen as our preferred supplier for Leadership Apprenticeships not only based on their extensive track record in the design and delivery of leadership programmes, but most importantly as they took the time to understand who we are, what our objectives for the project were and our individual business challenges. Eliesha took the time to visit a number of our manufacturing centres to identify the cultural differences across our estate, and place themselves in the position to deliver training based on first hand knowledge of our business.”

– Learning and Development Manager, Wienerberger UK


Eliesha has more than 20 years’ experience delivering impactful management and leadership training solutions. Every member of our team, from senior leadership to training delivery, is passionate about providing a supportive, enriching learning experience for our apprentices.

Our programmes not only develop and enhance skills and knowledge, but also the self-belief and confidence in the workplace making a real contribution to the success of their organisation.

So, when we involve apprentices and their line managers in reflecting upon the impact the apprenticeship has on their performance in the workplace, quotes like those below are satisfying and rewarding to see:

“My confidence has improved while on the apprenticeship and I have achieved a goal in my career and have been promoted.” Management Apprentice, Level 3

“We have noticed a higher level of professionalism and ability to take responsibility to the next level, I believe their confidence has grown over the last 6 months – their performance in the higher level responsibilities of the job role have become better – they have been able to pass knowledge on to their colleagues.” – Apprentice’s Line Manager

“I feel that I am growing in confidence greatly since joining the programme, and am now happy to be the sole quality representative at the morning meetings in my managers stead, as well as chair other meetings and co-host audits, which is a far cry from the start of the programme.” – Management Apprentice, Level 3

“They have displayed professionalism to the highest order and supreme confidence when tested by auditors. They have recently been promoted to team leader after showing the right leadership traits.  They have taken full ownership of revamping and standardising an important internal document.  Over the last few months, it is clear to see how much more comfortable they are when engaging with employees in the workplace.” – Apprentice’s Line Manager

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