Coaching and Mentoring skills are essential in supportingnurturing and growing leaders. Both Coaching and Mentoring in the workplace are shown to enhance performance in individuals and teams and contirbute to an inclusive culture that drives continuous performance improvement.

Coaching is now regarded as a leadership fundamental and should be at the heart of how leaders behave, from corridor conversations with peers and reports to more structured coaching conversations and formal coaching sessions. 

It is recommended that coaching and mentoring be an available skill to leaders at all levels in an organisation to bring about: 

  • Increased performance and productivity of teams and individuals
  • Increased motivation in individuals to find their own solutions to issues and challenges
  • The ongoing challenging of self-limiting beliefs and negative assumptions
  • Enhanced confidence and resilience
  • Broader appetite and ability of individuals to cooperate and collaborate with others  

In our experience, we help support customer organisations to create a culture of coaching and mentoring across their organisation, through equipping people with coaching tools to form positive habits of asking more questions, staying curious, building trust and avoiding judgement.  

Coaching enables leaders to have a safe space to think, reflect and give voice to concerns, be positively challenged, broadens their thinking and creates enhanced awareness.

Equipping managers and leaders with professional coaching skills delivers improvement in performance, productivity and people engagement. Doing this with professional coaching qualifications helps individuals to be equipped with the best practice to unlock productivity in their teams, build self-confidence in colleagues, and enable employees to re-think and tackle their challenges.

ILM’s coaching and mentoring qualifications are market leaders, with accreditation options for those new to workplace coaching and those looking to turn the workplace coaching experience they already have into a recognised qualification that reflects the latest thinking and practice.


Eliesha can provide flexible online delivery of these qualifications at Levels 3, 5 and 7: virtual delivery is a series of online real time sessions delivered to a regular group of learners with a coach/assessor present and distance learning is self-learning supported by a dedicated coach/assessor. This can be a mix of online real time group sessions with other distance learners and 1-2-1 sessions.

With both methods, learners are supported by our intuitive Learning Management System and, with either method, our delivery focuses on practical and experiential learning, with plenty of opportunities for coaching practice and feedback.

Why Organisations Invest in Coaching & Mentoring

Individual Benefits

• Be able to assess your own skills, knowledge and behaviours as a coach and mentor

• Know how to manage the coaching or mentoring process within an organisational context

• Deepen your understanding of how the organisational context can affect coaching or mentoring

• Plan, deliver and review your coaching and mentoring

• Plan your future development in coaching or mentoring

• Be equipped to apply critical coaching skills (active listening, intelligent questioning, open communication, and more) to all walks of life

• 80% of people who receive coaching report increased self-confidence

• Over 70% benefit from improved work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills

Organisational Benefits

• Ensure the individuals you develop as effective coaches and mentors are equipped with the skills, knowledge and understanding they require

• Develop a coaching and mentoring culture that motivates and empowers people to improve their performance and productivity

• Equipping managers and leaders with coaching and mentoring qualifications is proven to help create an organisation with:

⋆ Stronger teams

⋆ Support for talented employees

⋆ A more inclusive culture

⋆ Higher employee satisfaction scores

⋆ Better staff retention

Our accreditations, affiliations and certifications

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