Eliesha’s Apprenticeships: Line Manager Endorsed

One of the most important parts of a successful management apprenticeship, or indeed any programme of workforce development, is the engagement and buy-in of the learner’s line manager.

There are increasing demands made of line managers, so when supporting the development of their staff they need to be reassured that their investment of time and effort is beneficial.

Eliesha is proud to say that our management apprenticeship programmes come highly recommended from line managers representing a wide variety of industry sectors. Line managers are able to see – first hand – the increase in skillsknowledge and confidence that their employee and colleague is acquiring and applying.

Below is a selection of quotes from some of the line managers of management apprentices on our programmes, taken from the regular ‘learner progress reviews’, where apprentices’ progression and development is tracked and discussed.

*all names have been changed

It’s not just line managers who are endorsing our management apprenticeship programmes: in a recent successful monitoring visit, the education inspectorate Ofsted described Eliesha Training as “experienced specialists in leadership and management training” who “evaluate fully the quality of the provision” and “use their expertise successfully to meet the demands of employers”.

Reclaiming Apprenticeship Levy money, or accessing non-Levy funds, in the form of management apprenticeships is one of the most effective management and leadership development solutions available.

The Level 3 and Level 5 Standards have proven to represent precisely the skills, knowledge and behaviours that modern managers need now, and will need in the future.

We would be delighted to discuss your management apprenticeship requirement in an open, exploratory conversation or meeting – so please contact us now to arrange one at your convenience.

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