Equality & Diversity microlearning – why it matters

A look at how relevant Microlearning can not only help you stay on the right side of the law, it can produce a happier, more innovative and more engaged workforce.

During International Women’s Week, the topic of workplace equality has been in the news and at the forefront of peoples’ minds. Thanks to the Equality Act 2010, it’s more than just advisable, it’s mandatory for organisations to ensure that none of the 9 Protected Characteristics hold anyone back in their career or contribute to discrimination against them at work.

It’s important to look beyond the mandatory requirements around Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity and examine the benefits it can bring. Creating an inclusive and diverse workplace can encourage innovation and help to improve staff retention.

Diverse and inclusive workforces spark ideas more readily and are naturally inclined to innovate and approach problems creatively. Moreover, ensuring that staff feel they are treated fairly and equally, and belong to an inclusive environment, is proven to improve staff engagement and happiness in their work.

One of Eliesha’s pearls of wisdom® categories with great employer take-up is “Equality, Diversity & Inclusivity” as it is an easily-accessible and engaging resource to help staff at all levels develop a better awareness and understanding of their responsibilities around EDI.

The videos include a range of topics such as ‘Stereotyping and Making Assumptions’ and ‘What does Equality and Diversity Mean?’ which are applicable to all staff and useful as introductions to the subjects. Videos such as ‘Managing Difference’ are helpful for line managers to explore their role in promoting equality, diversity and inclusion.

View a demo version of P352 – What Does Equality & Diversity Mean

Our pearls of wisdom® videos cover a range of tools and techniques and can be accessed flexibly at the desktop and across a number of devices for ‘just in time’ learning, which can be done on the job, as and when it is needed.

The short and engaging format makes them an effective learning tool, and a cost-effective solution for performance improvement in your business.

There are now 18 categories of pearls of wisdom® to choose from; offering expert insights into leadership and management modelstoolsmethods and techniques. You can purchase a bespoke set of pearls chosen specifically for your organisational needs or as one of the categories – either to support more formal learning, or target specific L&D challenges in your business.

Our most popular categories include:

Understanding & Excelling at Change
• Leadership & Management Styles
• Effective Communication
• Performance Management
• Coaching & Mentoring

If you are interested in our pearls of wisdom® and would like to chat to us or arrange some trial access to a demo set, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to arrange a free trial.

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