Design & Delivery

Eliesha's engaging learning workshops can be structured and delivered to provide efficient abstraction from day-to-day roles and maximum flexibility around busy schedules: days can contain one or more 'Bitesize' (90 min) or 'Masterclass' (3 hr) workshops, or a single Full Day session.

Our design and delivery approach follows the principles of accelerated learning. This means that knowledge transfer is supported by learners' opportunity to contextualise theory in relation to their own challenges. This enables immediate planning of how they will apply that learning back in the workplace. The provision of practical methods, tools and techniques is such that learners can select relevant ones most applicable to their workplace tasks and teams.

We utilise the ‘flip learning’ paradigm ‘Prepare, Practice, Apply, Evaluate’ to drive knowledge acquisition through pre-learning. This releases valuable time within the workshop itself for practice and learning application, with rich content provided as post-workshop support, to embed learning.

Contextualisation & Scope

Our optional contextualisation service helps to make the learning highly relevant to an organisation, its challenges and work environment. This improves engagement and supports the transfer of learning. Adjustments to the learning material are guided by the thread of corporate values, required competencies and culture and we can undertake planning discussions regarding the incorporation of any specific methods, tools, techniques, management language and required behaviours.

We deliver circa 60,000 delegate interventions per year. Along with our 20+ years of experience, this has enabled us to build a firm foundation of proven, high quality programme and workshop content which is available to share, explore and build upon with customers.

As a result, our learning partner customers enjoy the benefits of shortened design and contextualisation timeframes, as well as the potential to reduce costs.

Learning Environments


'Classroom' delivery has proven and strong foundations for driving development and making change. Trainers are able to implement strategies to keep learners involved and engaged, maintain attention, support retention and encourage results. The benefits of networking, learner-learner and learner-trainer dynamics can be harnessed and leveraged for improved learning outcomes.


Good, expert-led virtual learning shares the foundations of good face-to-face learning, but is not a total replication of it. It is a purposeful re-design of the learning experience that recognises the advantages and challenges of the virtual environment. As with classroom delivery, we create opportunities for theorists to expand their learning; for reflectors to consider ideas; for activists to get involved and for pragmatists to understand how the learning applies to them.

Our accreditations, affiliations and certifications

CMI ILM Approved Centre Apprenticeships Iosh Agored Cymru SGS ISO 14001 SGS ISO 9001 Cyber Essentials Certifed Plus
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