First-hand reflections on our Management Apprenticeships programmes

We know that our Level 3 and 5 Management Apprenticeship programmes are having a positive impact on the knowledge, skills and behaviours of managers across the UK, meaning their organisations are unlocking all the benefits of effective management and leadership.

We also know that, as substantial development journeys, our apprentices experience several changes; they achieve promotions, start fully understanding their teams, better manage themselves and their workload, and – most importantly – equip themselves with confidence & competence for long, successful leadership careers.

But don’t just take our word for it… We’re delighted to be able to share real reflections from some of our apprentices working at a range of organisations:

“The workshops and getting to know my cohort, the way they have applied the skills in totally different industries to me has given me ample opportunity to think about how I apply the skills in my own day to day work.”

Michael, Senior Software Engineering Manager & Management Apprentice, Bede Gaming

“The ability to take time away from work and learn not only from the module content but also the other learners and the trainer.”

Lois, Customer Compliance Officer & Management Apprentice, Northumbrian Water

“I was genuinely surprised by the depth of knowledge and practical implementations. The apprenticeship explores a number of topics related to operational excellence, leadership, and management that could go beyond what I initially anticipated.

“Also, unlike strictly theoretical courses, the apprenticeship often involves sharing real time work experience that enables me to immediately apply the skills and techniques in my projects”

Pravinkumar, Senior Manager/Delivery Lead & L5 Management Apprentice, Qualitest

“Emotional intelligence has helped me connect with people in a different way and raise my self-awareness. The way I communicate has been impacted as I better recognise how my actions impact others.”

“This in turn helps the way I facilitate engagement sessions, give advice, coach/mentor, lead, manage, negotiate and create information for consumption from colleagues.”

Shauna, People Advisor & Management Apprentice, Sovereign Network Group (formerly Network Homes)

“That will be the management of self and in particular time management techniques. I love to be busy, enjoy challenges, learning new things and will jump at the chance to get stuck into something new and exciting or intimidating. I am also a very supportive manager and it’s important to me in life, to be of service to people in some capacity.

All this adds up to someone who can have a lot of projects on the go and then be spending a lot of time on other people’s projects. My work suffers as a result, and I may not complete my own projects on time or make good progress towards goals. I have grown in this area through this apprenticeship and have gone on to achieve both professional and personal goals I simply wouldn’t have achieved otherwise.” (Lois, Customer Compliance Officer & Management Apprentice, Northumbrian Water)

Lois, Customer Compliance Officer & Management Apprentice, Northumbrian Water

“Problem Solving, Operational Management and Leading People – these 3 modules have been the easiest to apply to my role in day-to-day duties, they have a direct impact on how I approach situations. Problem solving in particular has given me an expanded skillset to utilise in difficult situations.

“Operational Management and Leading People have both provided amazing skills for me to utilise during difficult periods in my job, particularly with the implementation of hybrid working at my employer, I have relied heavily on these skills.”

Michael, Senior Software Engineering Manager & L5 Management Apprentice, Bede Gaming

“Operational Strategy – the importance of linking our roles in our specific area with the wider organisation, focusing on the core values and missions of the organisation as a driver for local ways of working.”

Lucy, Funding Manager & Management Apprentice, The National Lottery Community Fund

“Awareness of myself and how I could have been negatively impacting my team by not delegating effectively. I often held on to things as [it] was quicker than training/repeating training or correcting team members’ work, but this masked an issue and also prevented the upskilling and development.

“Being able to risk assess tasks needing delegating, helped to identify skills gaps and underperformance issues and assign work within the team that would both access people’s strengths and stretch them where development was needed.”

Shauna, People Advisor & L5 Management Apprentice, Sovereign Network Group (formerly Network Homes)

“I enjoyed some of the early modules that focused on self-awareness and later in the course I enjoyed the leading people module. The two combined made me think about emotional intelligence, behaviour and working styles.”

Matt, Contract Manager & L5 Management Apprentice, The National Lottery Community Fund

“Working with the team – understanding different learning and communication styles, how to value and embrace different ways of working to produce the most effective team.”

Lucy, Funding Manager & Management Apprentice, The National Lottery Community Fund

If you could give one piece of advice to someone currently enrolled or considering enrolling in this apprenticeship, what would it be?

“Go for it! It will help you to be a better manager.”

Lois, Customer Compliance Officer & Management Apprentice, Northumbrian Water

The Management Apprenticeship opportunity represents an unmissable chance to invest in comprehensive leadership development that will make a demonstrable difference to your organisation. Whether you pay the Apprenticeship Levy or not, we can offer funded open and closed programmes at Level 3 (Team Leader/Supervisor) and Level 5 (Operations/Departmental Manager) to make sure you don’t miss out.

If you’d like to learn more, register for one of our upcoming online drop-in clinics, where programme delivery and structure is fully explained and you can have all your questions answered:

Online Management Apprenticeship Clinics:

• Thursday 13th June, 11:00-12:00
• Tuesday 18th June, 11:00-12:00

• Tuesday 16th July, 11:00-12:00
• Thursday 25th July, 11:00-12:00

You’ll also hear about our upcoming open programmes, starting in September/October (Level 3 and Level 5), both of which are open for enrolments now.

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