An Underrated Leadership Development Pathway?

13 June 2023

Have you looked into this cost-effective, impactful training for your existing managers and leaders?

We know that apprenticeships are not a leadership development pathway that every organisation has explored.  Primarily, this is because many employers are unsure about what the Apprenticeship Levy can be used for – especially upskilling existing staff who already have expertise.

In the drive for long-term development programmes that build the skills to lead flexible workforces in modern organisationswithout consuming training budget (using Levy instead), we are seeing an increased appetite for this approach. In speaking to customers, it's clear that many still underestimated the comprehensive nature of modern apprenticeships, and the immediate workplace impact that their learning can create for existing and experienced employees.

We also know from CMI research that management apprenticeships have a very positive impact on productivity, with 90% of registered management apprentices agreeing they were acquiring the skills to be more productive at work. We explored these findings in a 2022 blog article and they shed a fascinating light on the ways that management apprenticeships are demonstrating their value in the day-to-day running of organisations.

The Level 3 (Team Leader / Supervisor) and Level 5 (Operations / Departmental Manager) Apprenticeship standards have been designed to introduce or enhance skillsknowledge and behaviours, as appropriate, depending on the learner's experience and current role.

To find out about the experience of studying for a management apprenticeship with Eliesha whilst in full or part-time employment, you can read interviews with some of our learners herehere and here.

These individuals started their apprenticeship journeys with experience, but speak about how their apprenticeship introduced new ways of approaching day-to-day management tasks, reflecting on their leadership style and, most importantly, gave them increased confidence in their role.

We are delighted that we can demonstrate positive changes like these in our apprentices, whatever experience they have and whatever sector they are working in. We recently did a deep dive into the relationship between our programmes and increased confidencewhich you can read here.
Key to that exploration were reflections from our apprentices’ line managers, who are well positioned to witness such changes and, accordingly, we involve and engage with our programmes as much as possible:

*names have been changed

You can also click here to find out how we helped the UK's largest manufacturer of bricks and clay tiles to turn their Apprenticeship Levy funds into a two-tiered leadership development programme for existing employees.

It's always a good time to explore learning and development support for your managers and leaders, particularly if it can take the form of programmes that will have real and immediate impact on day-to-day behaviour and, in turn, important metrics like productivity, engagement and retention.

We would be delighted to discuss closed (i.e., internal) management apprenticeship programmes for your workforce, or explain how our open programmes work. Just email us on or fill out an enquiry form to set up an informal, exploratory chat.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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