COVID-19 & The Power of Coaching Conversations

15 July 2020

There are few tools in the toolkit of the modern manager that are as effective as the coaching conversation.

This supportive approach has the power to remind people that they are not alone with their problems and that their concerns are important, whilst simultaneously empowering them to take ownership of their challenges and responsibility for their actions.

With the ongoing disruption of Covid-19 affecting everyone in unique and different ways, within the same organisation and even in the same team, leaders and managers must be equipped with the skills and confidence to support their people and empathise, whilst also guiding and motivating them towards concrete actions and steps in a positive direction.

If we have learned anything over the past three months, it's that no-one will have all of the answers, all of the time – hence the power of helping individuals to actively problem-solve and face up to their challenges, without leaving them feeling like they have been left to sink or swim.

The more that managers and leaders can practice coaching conversations – and build the skills necessary to having effective ones – the greater will the confidence and capability of their teams and reports be to take whatever challenges 2020 throws at them - and those that lie in the future - in their stride.

The most effective coaching conversations feature:

Questions that are deliberately open, and so lead the respondent away from simple and uninformative ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers.

Reflective questions that encourage the respondent to work on their self-awareness by reflecting on their own behaviour and its consequences.

Outcome questions that commit the individual to a defined set of actions and encourages them to take responsibility for them.

Active listening, which can be summarised as listening to understand, rather than simply listening to respond or offer a different view.

If the skill to have effective coaching conversations is one that you would like to support your leaders and managers with, contact us now to find out about our virtual and online learning solutions that can help.

We have been helping publicprivate and third sector organisations of all sizes and industries to support their workforce with the right learning for nearly 20 years, and we would be delighted to support yours too.

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