How Apprenticeships Can Support Your Middle Managers

7 September 2022

Even with experience under their belts, your managers and leaders can benefit from specialist learning.

Regardless of sector, the journey to become a confident, effective and flexible manager is a challenging one - and one you may be surprised to learn you can support in a comprehensive, bus still cost-effective, way with the modern apprenticeships system.

As business landscapes remain complex and unpredictable, organisations need their leaders and managers to help simplify it – creating clarity for their workforce whilst also providing a vital bridge between strategy and frontline action. These “transmission belts” of organisations – as Paul Osterman called middle managers – “make day-to-day choices and trade-offs that escape the attention of top management yet are central to the organisation’s performance”.

It is in these day-to-day moments that the Level 5 Operations/Departmental Manager Apprenticeship is at its most supportive, insightful and relevant. As a vocational qualification designed to build on existing experience, it is centred around learning that is evidenced in the workplace, and so contains knowledge, behaviours and skills that can be immediately applied.

In this way, the common barrier between the ‘classroom’ and the ‘shop floor’ is broken down, and interesting theory effortlessly becomes the tangible practice that really makes a difference.

The qualification design comes from the leading professional awarding bodies ILM and CMI, prominent private sector firms like Barclays, Sainsbury's and Balfour Beatty as well as significant public employers like HMRC and the BBC. In partnership, they defined the essential knowledge, skills and behaviours that managers of teams, departments and/or projects need to achieve organisational goals and objectives, which translates into the relevant topics below:

Since the reform of the apprenticeships system in 2017 to allow for learners of any age or experience, Eliesha has been helping organisations of all shapes, sizes and sectors to maximise their Levy funds or access non-Levy funding in the development of their managers and leaders.

For maximum flexibility, some of our programmes are structured as ‘open’, meaning organisations can enrol any number of learners to learn in a mixed cohort. We are currently accepting enrolments on a Level 5 virtual programme due to start end November/early December.

Management apprentices on our programmes tell us they feel more confident making decisions, and feel newly empowered with the skills to lead people through challenging times and complex problems. Apprentices’ line managers see, first hand, the difference that apprenticeships are making to their reports.

As well as our commitment to a supportive and enriching learning environment for apprentices on our programmes, Eliesha is committed to supporting employers with the guidance and advice needed to navigate the world of apprenticeship training, particularly if it is new to them.

Whether you pay the Levy or not, management apprenticeships represent an unmissable opportunity to scale up your leadership capability and capacity and, with our next open Level 5 programme starting soon, there’s no time like the present!

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