How can you Support your Managers with the Skills they Need?

19 February 2020

As the world appears to move faster, organisations find themselves needing to respond to change. As the business landscape becomes more complex, organisations need their leaders to help simplify it.

Agilityflexibility and decision making are all in demand as businesses look to stay ahead of the curve, respond to sector disruption, and do more with less.

What demands does this place on middle managers? The “transmission belts” of organisations – as Paul Osterman called them – “make day-to-day choices and trade-offs that escape the attention of top management yet are central to the organisation’s performance”.

As the increasing requirement is for these choices and trade-offs to happen more often, more quickly, and with more widely-felt consequences, what can organisations do to support these integral cogs in their management machine? How best to make sure these important assets are appropriately equipped?

Make time for Management Apprenticeships!

Eliesha delivers impactful learning for first-line and middle managers via the Level 3 (Team Leader/Supervisor) and Level 5 (Operations/Departmental Manager) apprenticeship standards. They need quality time but deliver a depth of relevant learning, with a quick realisation of benefits to the business by carefully guiding the application of learning in the workplace.

We are working with all types of organisational complexity and size with customers in a diverse array of sectors who made the decision to make time for management apprenticeship programmes for existing employees, and are now reaping the advantages and benefits.

Andy, currently working and studying towards a Level 3 apprenticeship, told us that his apprenticeship has helped him “to be able to help and take responsibility for people, by showing respect, safeguarding their wellbeing and health, especially during the changes we are going through”.

And Caroline, who has recently completed a Level 5 programme, said that the area of work that had benefitted the most from her apprenticeship was “without a doubt, around gaining much greater self-awareness and improved self-management which has then gone on to help me build bigger, stronger working relationships across the business".

As well as our commitment to a supportive and enriching learning environment for apprentices on our programmes, Eliesha is committed to supporting employers with the guidance and advice needed to navigate the world of apprenticeship training, which can be a complex one.

Whether you pay the Levy or not, management apprenticeships represent an unmissable opportunity to scale up your leadership capability and capacity.

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