Learning Support for Remote Workers: New pearls of wisdom® available

10 June 2022

For those charged with managing an organisation's learning and development, providing timely access to support for individual and team challenges is a key objective.

If the past two years has taught us anything, it's that unpredictability abounds, and planning learning support is harder than ever.

Many organisations choose to provide their staff with access to a library of learning content around relevant topics - an effective and proactive solution that is applicable to a wide variety of workforces and working arrangements, and Eliesha is always delighted to support.

A current, pressing concern is providing help and support around the new challenge of remote and hybrid working. This is why we are delighted to announce the addition of nine exciting new titles in our popular series of animated, 3-5 minute microlearning videos: pearls of wisdom®...

  • Building Effective Remote Teams
  • Working in a Hybrid Team
  • Managing a Hybrid Team
  • The Effective Home Worker
  • The Happy Home Worker
  • Understanding Impostor Syndrome
  • Tackling Impostor Syndrome
  • Values-Centred Coaching
  • Coaching Conversations

The titles, drawn from conversations with our learning partner customers around the critical learning support that their workforces need, supplements an already 250 strong catalogue of engaging and insightful content.

Click below to watch a clip from P403 - Building Effective Remote Teams and click here to request more comprehensive demo access via email.

We know from corporate customers that more organisations are striving to embed learning cultures. Where value-rich learning content is made available at all times and is creatively and persuasively signposted, these cultures develop and grow.

As individuals get more familiar with the content available, they will share and discuss what has worked for them, and your learning culture takes on a desirable social element where your staff support one another. Explore three key benefits of curated online learning content below:


We all have phones in our pockets and, especially in the light of recent workplace shifts, are spending an overwhelming amount of our working time connected to the internet. When the learning that someone needs is available just when they need it, the genuine impact of the learning on day-to-day challenges is greatly improved.


By allowing your learners the freedom to access what they need, when they need it, you avoid any wasted learning that is less relevant to their role or challenges. When learning is handpicked by the learner to address specific problems, you can be safe in the knowledge that the investment in time and money to make it available is less likely to be falling between the cracks.


Compared to real-time learning, whether delivered face-to-face or virtually, the cost of online learning resources is comparatively low. If you do not invest in an organisational Learning Management System, then it’s not necessary to splash out on one: at Eliesha, we can host and provide easy, multi-platform access for users on our own LMS.

Eliesha’s pearls of wisdom® microlearning videos are used as a comprehensiveengaging and accessible learning resource for global organisations of all shapes and sizes.

Use the button below to enquire about deploying pearls of wisdom® as a ready-made learning library for your own workforce and get access to a set of demonstration videos:

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