Management Apprenticeships: Seize the Benefits

26 August 2020

The new management apprenticeship programmes, designed to industry and professional body Standards, continue to be amongst the most popular in the country for both new and existing employees, as employers take the opportunity to upskill both aspiring and current managers.

With all the workforce development and business benefits to be had, as well as the funding to be leveraged, it’s not hard to see why!


The events of 2020 has served as a stark reminder that we live in a VolatileUncertainComplex and Ambiguous world, and the world of work reflects this. The modern management apprenticeship standards and associated programmes equip managers and leaders to adapt to, and thrive in, changes that come their way.

Access to Funding

If your organisation has an annual payroll over £3 million, you will already be paying into a Levy fund, which you can claim back to fund the training costs of an apprenticeship. If you’re below this threshold, then the Government has increased funding to 95% - requiring you to contribute only 5% of training costs.

Directly Relevant Skills

The Standards have been informed by real world challenges in the workplace. Working in collaborative partnership, industry leaders like Barclays, Sainsbury's and Balfour Beatty – as well as management awarding bodies ILM and CMI – have developed the new management standards to contain exactly the skills, knowledge and behaviours that modern managers need to be equipped with.


Supporting the development of an existing employee through an apprenticeship is a fantastic way to engage and motivate them. They gain in confidence and capability as they develop their skills and knowledge, together with the incentive of securing a valuable qualification at the end. Employees will also be motivated and better engaged by the knowledge that the organisation is not just investing in them financially, but also by supporting them to learn and apply their learning in their working time.

Eliesha will be running ‘open’ management apprenticeship programmes starting later this year, with a blended delivery schedule updated to include engaging and interactive virtual learning.

If you’re interested in finding out more about enrolling any of your managers on these programmes, or enquiring about a closed, internal management apprenticeship programme, delivered on your premises and aligned to your vision, values and challenges, get in touch now.

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