Respond to 2020's Challenges with Management Apprenticeships

21 September 2020

Organisations are currently facing diverse challenges, resulting from business disruption, remote working and uncertainty. In response, the most pressing concern is upon leadership development.

We are currently supporting the urgent need of organisations, as they look closely at the demands upon and capability of their leaders and managers and the required developments to prepare them to cope with change and adapt to different challenges and situations.

Significant opportunities for leadership and management development for employed staff are Management Apprenticeships. An additional benefit is that your financial investment for this training is minimal: the apprenticeship is 95%-100% funded by the Apprenticeship Levy.

You can read interviews with existing apprentices on Eliesha's programmes here and here, and find out about the positive changes they have seen in their management styles and what has surprised them most about their management apprenticeship programme.

You can also read positive feedback from apprentices' Line Managers here, and discover the dramatic increases in confidence and competence that they have seen first-hand in learners on Eliesha's programmes.

Eliesha’s Management Apprenticeship programmes, ‘Pathways to Success’, are highly successful. They equip people with the right mindsetskills and behaviours to cope and adapt to change or challenge. They help give people the skillsclarity and confidence to make difficult decisions and deliver improved services, without losing sight of vision and purpose.

Our programmes integrate theory and high-quality work-based learning and practice, delivering real organisational impact. We have added the flexibility of blended learning, together with 'virtual face-to-face' learning to comply with social distancing. In this way, we better support remote workers and the operational demands of the workplace.

Opportunities to develop your managers and leaders via our management apprenticeships are available later this year. Starts and inductions for our next open programmes are scheduled to commence in December, leaving time for planning discussions with us along with any required guidance and support.

Click below to see the 2020 Learning Schedules on our website:

Level 3

Level 5

We are accepting learners for the following programmes:

Level 3 Team Leader/Supervisor Apprenticeship
Level 5 Operations/Departmental Manager Apprenticeship

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