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6 July 2022

Your organisation's first line managers are crucial.

The guidance, instruction and direction they provide to your core workforce make a huge difference to the achievement of strategic goals and objectives. They also help to define your culture and can maximise employee engagement.

Later this year, Eliesha will be starting a new, national 'open' programme for the Level 3 Team Leader/Supervisor Apprenticeship. This means that any number of your employees can be enrolled to develop the critical skills of first-line leadership and management alongside their day-to-day role.

With virtual workshops anticipated to start in late October, now is the time to explore this exciting and cost-effective learning solution.

Effective team leaders require a number of essential skills and behaviours. A natural inclination towards leadership is a brilliant start, but beyond that they need the opportunity to develop and practice some important ones, such as:

Clear Communicator

Whilst regular communication is important, it’s just as important to make sure that this communication is effective. An awareness of the ‘communication cycle’ – how messages are ‘encoded’, passed along a ‘channel’ and subject to ‘noise’ – for example, can be of great benefit for both sides of the conversation.

Confident Decision Maker

The very best teams work proactively and independently, but they still look to their manager for direction and decisions. The ability to assess options for suitability and practicality, collect and reflect on their team’s opinions and views is essential for any effective team leader to succeed.

Effective Delegator

Delegation doesn’t mean giving away your work and putting your feet up, it’s about making sure the right people are working on the things that you can’t. Delegating effectively is subtle, and involves coaching team members through tasks and making sure everyone is pulling their weight, and pulling in the same direction.

The Management Apprenticeship standards were developed by sector industry groups and professional qualification bodies. They represent the definitive knowledge, skills and behaviours required by leaders in support of the contemporary challenges they face.

Eliesha's programmes towards the Level 3 and Level 5 standards are well received by learners and valued by their line managers. Training delivery is blended and rooted in the evidencing of new skills and behaviours in the workplace. Importantly, they effectively manage the application of learning directly back into the workplace via the 20% 'off-the-job' requirement and are very budget friendly, as they can be funded via your Apprenticeship Levy funds or with a large contribution of non-Levy funding.

So, if you're interested in tapping into the management apprenticeship opportunity and have one or more employees that would benefit from an in-depth programme of learning starting in October then contact us now to set up an exploratory chat: 

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