Why Coaching Underpins Modern Learning & Development Priorities

25 March 2021

No organisational team keeps a closer eye on the evolving workplace than the HR/L&OD team. Many of the changes brought about by Covid-19 are here to stay. Research evidences that this has altered the strategies and tools that will provide the highest possible value whilst also enriching the working environment for all.

There will be shifts, not just in how organisations develop their people, but in how they construct culturesbuild identities and serve customers' needs.

In this context, coaching skills are a new currency for the modern workforce. Pursuing a coaching approach or culture offers developmental opportunities and benefits that go well beyond the individual needs of executives or senior team members.

Successful organisations are rolling out coaching from the top down: senior, middle and even future managers on graduate schemes benefit from both receiving coaching and equally being equipped with the coaching skills to support their own performance and that of their teams and direct reports.

In fact, the earlier in a manager’s career they start using coaching skills, the better chance of embedding a successful coaching culture.

Coaching cultures:

Provide support for employees throughout their working life, so the quality of their outputperformance, working relationships and communication are all enhanced.

Develop, highlight and celebrate ‘human’ skills like innovationadaptabilityresilienceemotional intelligenceteamworkempathycritical thinking and problem-solving.

In designing leadership and management programmes, L&D professionals should also be equipping their team leaders and departmental managers with a coaching style as part of their management toolkit.

They can excel in empowering and engaging their colleagues to do their best work with a much better ability to build rapport, read body language, ask effective questions in the moment, and be more comfortable being silent during coaching-based conversations.

Coaching has never been more relevant. It can easily be flexed and adapted to suit the needs of employees and the business as a whole and offers a valuable opportunity to support individual, team and organisational growth.

With so many benefits, can you afford not to adopt a coaching approach?

Eliesha can support  your new or existing coaching culture via virtual skills workshopsaccredited coaching and mentoring qualifications (various delivery methods), engaging micro-learning videos, and more...

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