Virtual Learning: The Value of Sharing

Many businesses have turned to expert-led virtual learning to help keep their employees capable and competent.

As we approach the post-pandemic world, it’s clear that virtual training can be extremely effective and is certainly here to stay. There are still key lessons to inform on effective virtual learning practice though, and in particular we have seen that the lived (and worked) experiences of learners play a vital role.

Having helped a diverse range of workforces to keep their learning relevant and engaging over the past 14 months, our virtual learning is fine-tuned for effectiveness and impact using our ‘preparepracticeapply’ method.

We know that it is highly beneficial when attendees arrive having completed some pre-learning or with thoughts, ideas and examples prepared – ready to share what has and hasn’t worked for them and listen to the similar experiences and contributions from their colleagues. As such, we encourage and guide this for our workshops via pre-workshop tasks and reflection.

Our experienced trainers make sure that our virtual learning environment is a safe and confidential space, where pre-conceived ideas are left at the (virtual) door. Rather than the one-way sharing of knowledgeskills and best practice our facilitated sessions actively engage learners in the process and, wherever appropriate, our workshops end with guided personal planning for learners, committing them to action for improvement and development.

We regularly receive feedback from our virtual learners that they valued the opportunity to come together with their colleagues and discuss something other than operational issues or customer concerns (the importance of these notwithstanding!).

In the drive for continuous improvement, and as organisations reflect on and learn from the highs and lows of a turbulent trading period, don’t under-estimate the value of bringing your workforce together to learn and share.

Eliesha’s range of virtual learning solutions extends well beyond short (1.5 – 3 hour) workshops – we also support the expanding drive for workplace coaching skills via virtual delivery of ILM’s market-leading Coaching & Mentoring qualifications.

Similarly, we can offer distance or online learning courses towards ILM or CMI Management & Leadership qualifications.

To find out more about our catalogue of products and services, just get in touch to set up an informal, exploratory chat around your requirements.

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