Why should professionals learn in short bursts?

We know that HR/L&D/OD professionals and the workforces they support are constantly striving to stay ahead of the curve. Ever-evolving industry trends and changing strategic priorities demand a continuous but agile commitment to learning and development.

We also know that, amidst busy schedules and competing priorities, finding the time for training can be a challenge. This is why short, focused bursts of learning is an increasingly preferred solution – particularly when made available to staff as a constantly-available support tool.

So, what are the reasons behind this approach’s effectiveness and popularity?

Enhances Retention, Demands Focus

Research shows that shorter study sessions can lead to better retention of information compared to longer sessions. By breaking learning material into smaller chunks, professionals can maintain higher levels of concentration and absorb new approaches, tools or methods more effectively.

Additionally, frequent revisiting of topics through short bursts of learning reinforces memory retention, leading to long-term mastery of the subject matter.

Promotes Continuous Progress

Particularly when accessing new methods for a professional role – learning in bursts fosters a sense of continuous progress. It’s natural that challenging tasks like team leadership, giving feedback and change management take time to improve, and it’s helpful for learners to make steady advancements in their knowledge and skills by consistently dedicating small amounts of time. This regularity not only prevents stagnation but also keeps professionals motivated and engaged in their learning journey.

Fits into Busy Schedules

One of the most obvious advantages of learning in short bursts is compatibility with busy schedules from a ‘when’ perspective, but it’s also worth considering it from a ‘where’ angle as well. Whether it’s during a coffee break, a commute, or in the room 10 minutes before the start of a challenging meeting, professionals can easily find pockets of time to dedicate to learning. This also prompts them to actively use their access to bursts of learning to solve real issues, in real time.

Supports Agile Adaptation

Agility is vital in modern organisations and not just in ways of doing things, but in ways of thinking too. It’s a key weapon in the battle against the damaging “but we’ve always done it this way” mindset. Learning in short bursts enables professionals to adapt quickly to new challenges and opportunities. Whether it’s acquiring a new skill to meet the demands of a project or picking up leadership methods to better support new team members, learn ‘on the fly’ empowers professionals to navigate change with confidence.

For nearly a decade, Eliesha has been supporting professionals worldwide with access to impactful bursts of learning with our signature Microlearning product: pearls of wisdom®.

These short, sharp and engaging animated videos cover a huge range of topics across 18 relevant categories like Team Building, Performance Management and Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity. There are now over 265 videos sharing our expertise and insight in management & leadership and professional skills.

We can create bespoke pages on our Learning Management System for your learners to access pearls of wisdom®, or can transfer the video files for uploading to your own. We also provide highly competitive annual-licence-based pricing, with significant discounts based on the number of videos and learners you need.

View an example pearl of wisdom® below and get in touch now to arrange demo access to some of our most popular titles.

P409 – Working in a Hybrid Team

By leveraging the power of short, focused learning, you can support your staff to overcome the constraints of time and maximise their learning potential, and pearls of wisdom® are the perfect place to start.

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