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Eliesha Training is a main provider on the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (#126643), approved to deliver the Level 3 (Team Leader/Supervisor) and Level 5 (Operations/Departmental Manager) Apprenticeship Standards to both Levy-paying and non-Levy-paying organisations in England.

Our Vision & Belief

From the senior leadership team through to our programme tutor/coaches, every member of the Eliesha team is passionate about providing a supportive and enriching learning experience for our apprentices, whatever stage of their career they have reached.

This stems from a belief that highly competent managers and leaders make a significant difference to the success of their organisation and that the core management skills, knowledge and behaviours within the new Apprenticeship Standards are relevant across all sectors and create modern, highly effective managers.

Confident managers with the skills to lead in a modern organisational context are proven to underpin enhanced productivitygreater staff engagement and a more positive working environment for the entire workforce.

Eliesha has over 20 years of experience developing managers, leaders and workplace coaches – from supervisors to senior executives – and we delight in using this experience to help them develop and sustain long and fulfilling careers in management.

Flexible Pathways to Success

Eliesha’s “Pathways to Success” Management Apprenticeships deliver improved flexibility that fits with the requirements of a distributed workforce and associated operational demands. This is achieved through the effective use of our Virtual Learning Environment and Learning Management System, enabling apprentices to experience content-richaccessible and intuitive learning.

Our technology-enabled learning and development programmes have proven to be effective solutions supporting large customer organisations, with complex needs and wide geographic spread.

Our learning environment, incorporating virtual or face-to-face delivery, is enhanced with one-to-one coaching and support to enable apprentices to “learn anywhere”. In addition, our approach enables apprentices to accelerate the application of their learning into improved workplace practices and performance.

Key Features

Eliesha delivers Management Apprenticeship programmes to meet the Level 3 and Level 5 Management Standards, both of which are equivalent to ILM and CMI Diploma-level qualifications. The new employer-designed, occupation-focused Standards mean that organisations can implement an apprenticeship programme that supports new and existing employees with the knowledgeskills and behaviours that they need to accurately fit the roles that the business requires in the current and future work environment.

Our management apprenticeship programmes offer an end-to-end service, including consultancy and skills assessment in relation to existing workforce development and talent management, through to effective delivery, successful End Point Assessment and post-learning evaluation of impact.

As a key benefit, we invest the following in our programmes as value added services, included with no increase to the Standard Rate:

  • Skills matrix self-assessment and review of existing role and qualifications
  • Alignment of workshop materials to required business vision, values and behaviours (for internal programmes)
  • Measurement and evaluation of learning interventions and post-learning impact using the Kirkpatrick Methodology
  • Line Manager engagement; improving apprentice engagement with the programme and enhancing their development dialogue with apprentices through shared reviews, optional attendance of induction session
  • Infrastructure investment – e.g. e-portfolio system – enabling full transparency of learning progression and tracking and evidence of the 20% off-the-job activities to be uploaded.

‘Open’ Apprenticeship Courses

Eliesha also runs Open Apprenticeship Programmes, designed for organisations to maximise their levy by placing delegates on a programme alongside employees from other companies in the same region. This allows for employers to use their levy funds on the kind of high quality, rigorous programme that is usually reserved for larger organisations able to provide a full cohort.

These programmes have been launched in response to requirements for easy access to a training provider with the extensive experience necessary to ensure that the learning and development provided by the new apprenticeships are business-relevant and efficiently embedded within day-to-day operations.

Useful Information

We have a large amount of useful content online to help you learn more about the opportunity that Management Apprenticeships represent for high quality and in-depth leadership development as well as Eliesha’s Level 3 and Level 5 programmes themselves.

Click here to read our detailed responses to a number of Frequently Asked Questions.

Click here or here to read real quotes from our apprentices’ line managers – taken from the Learner Progress Reports that make up a central part of our reporting and evaluation process and providing first-hand accounts of the skills and confidence their reports are building

Click here and here to read interviews with leaders on our open apprenticeship programmes and here to read interviews with our employers about their experiencing of using the management apprenticeship opportunity to develop their leaders.


Eliesha delivers Management Apprenticeships funded by the Education & Skills Funding Agency and the Apprenticeship Levy.

Non-Levy Apprenticeship programmes are part-funded by the European Union European Social Fund.

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