How can we outsource our training provision?​

Many of our clients are considering outsourcing their training provision in response to economic pressures – resulting in business transformation, reduced resources and the need to save costs and achieve efficiencies. This can range from the outsourcing of individual courses and programmes to the provision of a fully managed training service.

Eliesha works in partnership with our clients to develop a deep understanding of their needs and deliver the highest quality and best value outcomes by:

  • Provision of experienced management and administration teams supported by proven management information systems
  • Matching learning to the optimum delivery method (classroom, e-learning, mobile, distance, blended)
  • Developing tailored learning curricula and competency frameworks
  • Consistent use of appropriate, knowledgeable and engaging trainers
  • Matching learning to business needs and required competencies (targeting learning to support change and business goals)
  • Refining learning based on evaluation and feedback (continuous improvement)

The implementation of the above ensures that all training is optimised, delivering the best experience in the most cost effective manner.

Demand planning is part of our managed learning partner service. We constantly review key strategic and tactical information to enhance the benefits and quality of our services. This enables us to build a pattern of employee type and skill demands in order to resource people and services accordingly.

Eliesha provides proactive contract management, ensuring all performance and quality standards are met within tightly-controlled budgets. Performance information is consolidated and reported upon regularly. The quality and cost-effectiveness of provision is also regularly monitored and reported on. Throughout mobilisation and contract delivery, we work closely with our clients to continually refine our delivery solution.

We proactively engage with our clients in order to review current and future needs against business goals to ensure the required events are developed and scheduled in line with planned projections. For example, our regular client reviews can incorporate:

  • Service level metrics
  • Service review – qualitative and quantitative measures
  • Activity, cost and spend reviews
  • Update from stakeholders, partners and external suppliers
  • Opportunities for improvement and recommendations
  • Issues and challenges, including any complaint resolution
  • Evaluation updates to ensure the learning fully supports the business needs and represents an excellent return on investment

The outcomes of this continuous demand planning process are reflected in current and future delivery schedules, with implications upon trainer resource support planning. We are able to increase or reallocate resources or adapt, amend or close schedules to support needs, whilst managing wait lists – if appropriate – to ensure maximum return on investment.

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