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We work closely with organisations to create a learning programme tailored to their exact needs and desired outcomes.

How can we outsource our training provision?

Many of our clients are considering outsourcing their training provision in response to economic pressures – resulting in business transformation, reduced resources and the need to save costs and achieve efficiencies.

How do we embrace diversity?

Within our richly diverse and multi-cultural society we need to be able to provide support, respond appropriately and sensitively to, and manage issues relating to gender, age, ethnicity, disability, religion and sexuality.

We want a bespoke training solution

Eliesha develops bespoke training courses for our clients tailored to the specific needs of the participants and the organisations.

We want our staff to gain a recognised management qualification

Eliesha is accredited to deliver a range of programmes, which we are continually expanding to meet evolving client needs.

We want to become better leaders and managers

In these challenging times of change, organisations need strong leaders and excellent operational managers who are equipped with the skills, knowledge, behaviours and resilience to deliver excellent outcomes.

We want to develop a coaching culture

Structured interaction with someone from outside the client organisation can stimulate a required shift in the way people think. Such shifts can have far-reaching effects on the direction and operation of the whole organisation.

We want to develop a competency framework

We are in the midst of a shift from the traditional approach to training to a focus on the application of learning through assessing competency.

We want to engage with our employees

Eliesha has successfully supported organisations UK-wide in achieving improved engagement with their staff, customers and stakeholders.

We want to identify and develop our top talent

By building a high performance workplace, encouraging effective learning and maximising the diversity of talent available, good talent management adds value to the business brand and the organisation is seen as an employer of choice.

We want to introduce performance management

Fully realised, performance management is a holistic process bringing together many of the elements that make up the successful practice of people management including learning and development.

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