We want to develop a competency framework​

We are in the midst of a shift from the traditional approach to training to a focus on the application of learning through assessing competency. This shift from a training activity to a focus on performance is generating a significant increase in our:

  • Awareness of how people learn and what trainers and training designers should do to encourage effective learning
  • Understanding of the pivotal role of assessment in the learning process
  • Capacity to develop and deliver competency based training
  • Expectations by organisations that training professionals will direct their attention beyond the training activity to improving or enhancing performance (an outcome)
  • Awareness of what exemplary trainers, training designers and assessors actually do and what skills and knowledge they need to perform

Competency Frameworks describe the behaviours required for individuals and organisations to succeed. Competencies are a signal from the organisation to the individual of the expected areas and levels of performance. They provide the individual with a map or indication of the behaviours and actions that will be valued, recognised and in some organisations rewarded. Competencies can be understood to represent the language of performance in an organisation. 

It is widely accepted that a good competency framework should be central to all HR activity from selection, development to appraisal and performance management. However, designing effective generic competency frameworks that are easy to understand and implement in organisations can be a complex process. 

Competency based training is a structured approach to training and assessment that is directed toward achieving specific outcomes. It is about assisting individuals to acquire skills and knowledge so they are able to perform a task to a specified standard under certain conditions. In competency based training, the outcomes to be achieved are clearly stated so that learners know exactly what they have to be able to do, trainers know what training or learning is to be provided and organisations know the skill levels required of their people. The emphasis in competency based training is on “performing” rather than just “knowing”.

Eliesha is expert in developing and implementing competency frameworks and competency based training and is able to provide a variety of opportunities for learners to build and demonstrate competence.

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