We want to introduce performance management

Fully realised, performance management is a holistic process bringing together many of the elements that make up the successful practice of people management including learning and development.

Performance management is a process which contributes to the effective management of individuals and teams in order to achieve high levels of organisational performance. As such, it establishes shared understanding about what is to be achieved and an approach to leading and developing people which will ensure that it is fully realised. Performance management is a strategy which relates to every activity of an organisation, set in the context of its human resource policies, culture, style and communications systems. The nature of the strategy depends on the organisational context and can vary from organisation to organisation.

Performance management should be:

  • Strategic – it is about broad issues and long-term goals
  • Integrated – it should link various aspects of the business, people management, individuals and teams

Performance management should incorporate:

  • Performance improvement – throughout the organisation, in respect of individual, team and organisational effectiveness
  • Development – unless there is continuous development of individuals and teams, performance will not improve
  • Managing behaviour – ensuring that individuals are encouraged to behave in a way that allows and fosters better working relationships

The management of individual performance is essential to the achievement of goals in any organisation. Eliesha can work in close partnership with you to engage the senior team in the strengthening of the performance management framework and to develop the soft skills and behaviours needed throughout the management structure to underpin the culture development that will support the hard processes and ways of working that make up that framework.

Eliesha has considerable experience in the design and delivery of performance management learning and development, which allows us to draw from best practice and experience to minimise design time required and to deliver a highly interactive and impactful one day course.  Our style is very practical and will enable participants to select from a range of tried and tested techniques to optimise the work performance of staff and to elicit their discretionary effort.

Our interventions can provide managers with the necessary skills and guidance to be competent and confident in all areas of the process including:

  • Setting objectives
  • Identifying the skills and behaviours required to achieve personal objectives
  • Differentiating performance
  • Recognising and tackling poor performance.
  • Completing relevant performance review paperwork
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